Woolen materials

Wool Merino

Merino wool fiber is finer than traditional wool fiber.

Wool „Tops“ „Laps“ and Wool Tops Laps and Blousse maximum of 23 microns

Maximum of 23 microns.

Wool fibre regenerated

Regenerated wool obtained by recyclation in various manufacturing programme.

Woolen fibers and Yarn

Combed wool yarn from spinning mills
Combed wool yarn from weaving mills.
Combed wool yarn from knitting.

Combed wool cuttings

By combing wool a high quality worsted yarn is obtained which is suitable for producing worsted fabrics such as wool gabardine or light wool. It is suitable for the production ofclothing for men and women,as well as for trousers, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats.

Knitting clips (white and color)

Clips and cutting from textile production (jumpers, sweaters etc.). Min. 80% of wool content.

Wool – Cashmere

Cashmere Knitting Clips

Clips from clothing production (jumpers, sweaters etc.), variable wool content.

Cashmere fibers and yarn

Cashmere yarn and cashmere fibers from the wool spinning and weaving.

Used cashmere jumpers

Used cashmere jumpers (second-hand), cashmere content minimum of 100%.

Cashmere „tops“, „laps“,„blousse“

Extraordinary cashmere wool fiber extracted from wool goat hircus. Soft and silky smooth.

Angora Wool

Angora wool is wool type obtained from the fur of Angora rabbit. The fur is warm, lightweight, and very soft to touch. Use: dresses, knitwear production, felt hats.

Velour cuttings

Velour fabric is a fabric with fur like velvet. Carded woolen fabric is soft and thick. Velour is used in a wide range of production, including production of coats.

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